DEC Contracting Tree Service can provide the following expert services to your residence or place of business.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is necessary when a tree is dead, damaged or in decline—which will eventually become a hazard if not removed. We consider several options in order to determine the safest and most cost effective manner in which to remove the tree. Depending on these circumstances DEC has the ability to utilize our Bucket Truck or experienced climbers.

We are fully licensed and insured, and offer complete professional tree care to all our valued clients.


Tree Trimming/Pruning

Pruning is important to ensure and maintain the natural growth and aesthetics of any tree. It’s always recommended that you remove any hazardous, decaying, or unwanted limbs to improve the health of your trees. We also have experience shaping ornamental trees to maximize their growth and appearance.

One of our newest tools, The Spider Lift, is able to pass through small gates and passages—allowing us to access your hard to reach trees without damaging your ground or yard.


Stump Grinding

After having your tree removed, you may be looking to have the ground leveled flat. To do this we utilize a heavy duty machine to grind unwanted stumps and roots below grade.



Our large capacity chipper reduces wood and limbs to a fine material that can be used for landscaping or taken to a recycling center.


Land Clearing

Our team is experienced in eliminating unwanted trees to facilitate many of your projects including oil tank recovery, solar panel visibility, space for recreational systems, pools, tennis courts, as well as home additions.